How it all begins

Inspiring Agility .. intent.. purpose and the way ahead

Let’s always ensure to make people around us happy.

— Sumit.

As we live an era where the need of agility is every growing, I felt on the recommendation of people to have a blog where I can share my views, share the agility changes around me and what I feel about them. The intent and purpose of this website is only to share, and hope it help few. The knowledge I’ve gained over the time is from help of many teachers and I respect them a lot for what I’m today.

We all live in times when the meaning of Agility is not confined to just Development teams, but go beyond to Org, HR, Finance, Sales and where not. I felt the Agility is like Oxygen as I did my last workshop with some local kids.

All this said, let me say that in my life if I consider my greatest discovery has been that in the end it’s about Happiness. How we can be happy is important right from an individual to a team to an organization to a country to the world. The people and their interactions are very critical and no process in the world is above that. So, let’s always ensure to make people around us happy.

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