Who is Sumit?

A Technology Leader with 14 years of experience who loves coding in free time and has passion for Agile. Played various roles of Developer/Scrum Master/PO/RTE/Program Manager in his career delivering quality Products. Also love to give Trainings on various topics like management3.0/C#/R/SCRUM/Good Scrum Practices/Effective Scrum Master/etc., some of them are public and some inside company. Has lot of experience in getting teams up and running on Agile and coach them to make them mature agile teams.

I believe in making people happy, and ensuring that teams are happy building quality products. In order to do I do a lot of activities and workshops to ensure that people are engaged.

Other Key Highlights :
• Highly ambitions and performance-driven professional with strong program management skills.
• Skilled in executing projects from Day 1 to ensure quality delivery using Agile(Scrum/Kanban/SAFE/etc).
• Diverse experience with a large number of business domains and technical environments. Highly valued for ability to establish collaboration among business and technical leadership and teams.
• Always been a fast learner and always willing to help people around. … see more

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