Broken Window Theory

What is broken window theory? : There is a theory called the “Broken Windows Theory“. This theory states that if there is a disorder in a neighborhood for a substantial period of time, the mess will only get worse. The authors give the example of a broken window in an abandoned building. If it isn’t replaced within some time, the chances are that vandals will break another window. And another. Gradually making the mess worse, and therefore making the issue bigger. This above is taken from Richard Tuin blog entry.

My Take on the Broken Window Theory :

  1. When you see an issue in code, fix it or at least let everyone know so that as a team we fix it.
  2. Treat code quality as most importance, and any issue in quality should be taken as serious, as cost of fixing at development will be lower than cost of issue at production
  3. While reviewing code, ensure to notice the small stuff too, because it’s the right time to check on small quality issues which can become bigger in time.
  4. make your life and your project easier by fixing broken windows as soon as they appear.
  5. Always act on the tech-debt, it’s ideally a debt you have on the code you’ve written, the more you honor it, the better it is. Always saying that the PO is not prioritizing is not a solution, you need to work with PO to put tech-debt in priority too.
  6. Always believe in “I am the problem, I am the solution attitude” making yourself as a Leader. A Leader never cribs, he/she puts on the shoes, makes the problem his own problem and then walks on to the solution. Have that attitude. A Leader Is always one without authority and need not be a CEO.

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